Web security

It’s very important to protect your website against attacks/hackers. Bugs and weak scripts are the #1 reason for the most common ‘hacking’ problems. This is caused by unprofessional and lazy programming. Because of this, most open source websites that are not updated are frequently attacked by 'experienced' hackers.

Beside ‘normal’ hacks on system and software level, there are DOS attacks and in the distributed variants (DDOS). The greatest disadvantage of a well coordinated DOS is that you can’t do anything about it.

Most other attacks are preventable by site maintainers. Bugs in server software are quickly repaired mainly by suppliers, but Microsoft was a bit loose with IIS. Luckily their aim was refocused on security as they turned around there software strategy.

Are you curious about your own website’s security? Contact us. We’ll test your website on accessibility, SQL injection and common exploits.