Web design

Nesh Media offers various degrees web design. For instance we build websites and develop (web) applications for intranet and CD-ROM use. Including e-Commerce Webshops, Flash, Hosting, Graphical design and Complete Community's, we can realize all of this for you.

Your personal website
Being an entrepreneur it is inevitable. A website can be your online presentation or a gateway to stay in touch with your customers. Nesh Media understands this. When starting any (web) project we follow our Guideline (4 steps project-approach):

What is the main target of the website? Who are your visitors? Based on these and other questions we make a company profile. From there we create and design, so we can present you a unique look & feel presentation of your website.

In this phase we fine-tune the look & feel of your website and determine what additional features can help you such as: Dynamic features, website gadgets, payment gateways and many more.

Implementation CMS
To manage your site, we'll implement a CMS (Content Management System). The CMS allows you to add and manage all articles (Content), but also change contact details etc.

Delivery website
After the implementation we run through your website and its functionalities.

Mobile App development

Whether working with iOS, Android or both, Nesh Media brings your dream to life. Give your customers the ultimate service by providing a custom mobile application featuring personalized features for each user. With iPhone and Android devices everywhere there has never been a better time to have a custom application for your business.

Flash Web design

With Flash your website is more vivid and different from any other website. Flash could be described best as an interactive movie presentation. Nesh Media can use this extraordinarily form of web design for your website and/or for banner design, CD-ROM products, games and company presentations.

It is clear that Flash animations could achieve very nice effects, but Flash also has its disadvantage. Not all people can see the nice Flash animations, because of an outdated browser or a browser that has no (or no updated) built-in ''plug-in'' for Flash. Another disadvantage is that Flash files, though relatively small, have to be loaded first. Waiting for flash uploads take time and some internet users aren't patience enough to wait.

Developing a Flash website takes more innovation and effort than the development of an HTML website therefore it tends to be more expensive. Feel free to contact us for more information on Flash.