ICT Outsourcing

As a company it can be quite difficult to find some balance between the production capacity you have with your full-time employees and the supply of projects. Too many employees can lead to profit loss. Contract peaks are mostly addressed with freelancers, internships and students. This doesn’t works as smooth as planned and causes unnecessary stress. For years the media has bombarded us with concepts like outsourcing, especially in the IT Business.

Small Business companies usually let those concepts pass: Outsourcing is just for major companies! Is it? In the following text you may have a change of opinion, when it is clearly described, we can show you how it can benefit anyone. Nesh Media specializes in both offshore and near shore outsourcing.

What exactly is outsourcing?
Outsourcing is usually the term used when a company takes a part of its business and gives that part to another company. In recent times, the terms have been most commonly used for technology related initiatives such as handing over the IT help-desk to a third-party. But it can also refer to non-technical services such as handing over the telephone-based customer service department.

The recipients for outsourced activities are generally in the same country. When a company on another continent is involved e.g. India, the correct term to use is offshore outsourcing. Near shore outsourcing refers to outsourced projects that are outside the country, but on the same continent.

The reasons for outsourcing are various. The main pros for outsourcing are cost reduction and financial risks of a project.

Another advantage is that you just have a few managers, whom you can contact for a variety of services. Those managers ensure that the work meets quality expectations on schedule.